AI to Recommend Participants for a Meeting, a Brainstorming session or a Design Sprint

Submitted by George Krasadakis
one year ago
An intelligent component for business users which is able to capture the context of a meeting and recommend the most suitable participants in order to organize a better meeting with the right people in the room. Users benefit by instantly finding the right experts and decision makers to invite when a meeting, brainstorming or other business event is being planned.
Meetings can be a valuable tool for planning, sharing information, decision-making, etc. Meeting quality, however, can greatly depend on the skill, expertise, experience, temperament, etc., of those in attendance. Having the right people involved can make for a highly productive and satisfying meeting. On the other hand, meetings can be unpleasant and frustrating, or simply unproductive, when meeting participants lack relevant experience, are disinterested, have poor leadership/organizational skills, are not well-prepared, have no access to related resources, when the meeting is not well-defined (e.g., no topic/agenda set, no provided resources), etc.

This idea describes a system able to identify and recommend relevant and/or valuable participants for a meeting, project, or other collaborative engagement. Such a collaborative engagement may be organized through a computerized meeting service—e.g., an email/calendar client—which may create the collaborative engagement based on user input, and automatically recommend one or more candidate participants for the collaborative engagement. In one example, these candidate participants may be recommended based on a candidate score calculated for each candidate participant. A candidate score for a particular candidate participant may be calculated based upon a variety of factors, including (1) the particular candidate participant's relevance to the meeting topic, (2) the extent to which the particular candidate participant has positively contributed to previous meetings, and/or (3) whether the candidate participant has attended meetings that are particularly relevant to the topic. Recommending meeting participants in this manner can reduce the potential for inviting low-value participants to meetings, as well as identifying and recommending potentially valuable meeting participants who would not otherwise attend.

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