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01/ Share Ideas

Share your big ideas with the world and showcase your innovation mindset. Reference your ideas in LinkedIn and build a reputation as an innovator

02/ Get Connected

Discover like-minded inventors and innovators; get discovered by startups, investors and companies. Build a meaningful network focusing on ideas and their impact!

03/ Drive Big Ideas

Ideas evolve. Get constructive feedback on your ideas; contribute on other’s ideas. Iterate and develop great ideas that can make the world a better place. Get known for your contributions!


You can keep some of your ideas in private mode – for instance those you might consider building in the future. Use ideachain to manage these ideas and share them selectively with detailed tracking on Blockchain.

At the same time, you can publish those big, crazy ideas with the world – those concepts you are not considering implementing on your own. This way you may empower others while attracting attention and getting known as an innovator.

In both cases, sign your ideas on Blockchain with one click – and get an undisputable timestamp.

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Share your ideas and get ‘proof of share’ from blockchain. Build an audience around your bold ideas


Discover like - minded individuals and get discovered by ambitious entrepreneurs and investors


Get known as innovator while making the world a better place: share, collaborate, inspire


Fuel your innovation energy by sharing your great ideas or by contributing on ideas by other’s


Find individual or teams to experiment with your idea. Get meaningful feedback and support