Terms of Service



The 'ideachain' service enables individuals (‘Users’) to manage their ideas and get connected with other inventors and ideators (‘Users’). ‘Users’ can create and manage their ideas in private mode. They have the option to publish them in order to empower their professional reputation by demonstrating their innovative thinking through their publicly available professional profile. Published ideas are discoverable from within ideachain and via search engines such as Google.com and Bing.com. The further use and browsing in the 'online service ideachain' implies explicit and unconditional acceptance of these terms.


2.1 ideachain e-service

The term ' ideachain e-service' refers to the whole functionality of ideachain, websites, software components, functionality and applications for mobile phones and data provided through domain names (domain names): ideachain.io, ideacha.in and the corresponding APIs. Hereinafter referred to as 'ideachain'.

2.2 The user

The term 'User' refers to any natural person registered in 'ideachain' or linked to this account through Facebook or Twitter or Google or LinkedIn, with the intent of creating a public professional profile, managing their content (‘ideas’), discovering public content by other ‘Users’. 'Users' should be at least 18 years old and have full legal capacity. Hereinafter referred to as 'User' or alternatively 'user / individual'

2.3 The ‘idea’

The ‘idea’ refers to an articulated concept describing a potential solution to a problem. 'Users' may create one or more ‘ideas’ in ideachain.

2.4 ‘Ideas’ in private mode

Ideas are by default stored in private mode and not shared nor accessed by any other except the owner ‘user’. The user may optionally share private ideas with selected users by privately sharing a hyperlink – url pointer to the idea. Sharing is tracked as part of the history of the idea. Private ideas are securely stored and not accessed by unauthorised persons. Private ideas are not accessed by employees or partners of ‘ideachain’. Private ideas remain strictly private to the owner.

2.5 Ideas in public mode

The ‘user’ has the option to publish an idea in order to build a reputation as innovator, to ask for feedback on ideas, to attempt forming a team or to inspire others. Publishing an idea makes it available in the public domain. A published idea is discoverable and readable by other users of the ’ideachain e-service’ and by anonymous online users discovering the public ideas through search engines such as Google and Bing. Publishing an idea serves the purpose of building an ‘innovation’ professional profile for the user. A published idea can be reset to private at any time.


3.1 The role of the ideachain

'ideachain' ('ideachain e-service') provides innovative and effective procedures and functions for efficient and flexible idea management and optionally, idea publishing. It facilitates and simplifies the discovery, connection and communication between 'Users' who are interested in sharing and collaborating on ideas. Ideachain IS NOT OFFERING LEGAL PROTECTION for ideas. Ideachain does not perform prior-art search and does not check the novelty of the idea submitted by the user. A submission of an idea on Ideachain DOES NOT SERVE AS A PATENT. The user is responsible for their content and must ensure that they assure that content submitted is his/her own intellect.

3.2 Ideas signed on Blockchain

Free access to the service does not include blockchain integration. As part of the free service, ideas are only stored in our secure systems. As part of the paid subscription, Ideachain provides an optional way to sign ideas on a public blockchain. This enriches the idea with transaction identifiers and a timestamp as a proof of creation of the idea – from an independent, decentralized and distributed ledger. Ideachain reserves the right to offer this and other optional features as part of a subscription package. In particular, getting a timestamp for an idea from blockchain is part of the paid subscription only. Blockchain integration is not yet generally available until the formal release and announcement of the idechain platform.

3.3 Misuse / copy / forgery

The 'company' bears no responsibility to cover third party claims of any nature which may arise in connection with the use, copying, or manipulation of 'ideachain' or its content or any other unauthorized linked website, independently whether the 'Company' was informed, knew or should have known this possibility.

3.4 Changes / periodic changes

The 'Company' reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to terminate, change, suspend or interrupt any function/operation of 'ideachain' including the availability of services, presentation or description of any product or service.

3.5 Industrial and intellectual property

All contents of 'ideachain', including trademarks and logos of the company, text, graphics, software, algorithms, data structures, system architecture, graphical user interface (user interfaces), programming environment interfaces (APIs), communication processes and functions are owned by the 'Company' and protected by International Law. Further, the design and presentation of 'ideachain', including its arrangements constitute the intellectual property of the 'company'. Any copying, analog / digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transmission, downloading, data extraction, data mining, crawling, processing, resale, reverse engineering, create derivative works, or misleading the public about the actual provider of ' ideachain' content are prohibited. Nothing on this site may be perceived by you as a permission to use any of those Trademarks. The company holds patents on certain technologies utilized in ‘ideachain’. PATENT-PENDING:US 62/831,106; USPTO -2019; ORGANIZATION, VALIDATION AND AUGMENTATION OF IDEAS USING AUTOMATED SEMANTIC POST-PROCESSING’.

3.6 User contribution on content

'Users' are free to express their opinion at different levels (for instance, about an idea published by another user). Subject to the terms and conditions mentioned above, 'users' may in any case freely express their opinion, interests and choices and inform others on social network websites (notably through e-mail, facebook, twitter etc.) about the ideas which are public on ideachain. The 'Company' makes any possible effort to prevent and detect any malicious and contrary to the spirit of service operations. The 'Company' bears no responsibility for the actions (posts, comments, etc.) made by the 'users' through the site for which they remain solely responsible.

The 'Company' shall have no obligation to monitor, filter, censor, edit or regulate information or material provided by the 'User' or third parties through ' ideachain', while still keeps the right to make all the aforementioned actions. The 'Company' does not endorse, guarantee the accuracy or the reliability of any information or material provided by 'users' or other third parties, and bears no legal responsibility regarding the above information or material. As far as any information or material uploaded or posted in ' ideachain' by the 'User', the 'User' explicitly guarantees the 'Company' that has the right and authority to do so without the consent of any third party.


4.1 Procedure for registration / activation

The 'user' can use the service ' ideachain' after fulfilling the registration process or by using Facebook / Twitter/ Google/ LinkedIn account. As part of the registration process ' ideachain' may ask from the 'User' to enter data including verbal access, e-mail address, password, country and city of residence. These data remain strictly confidential and may be disclosed only on the initiative of the 'Users' themselves, as part of their professional profile. The 'User' indicates that the data entered are accurate and correct.

4.2 Procedure to Disable and Delete Account

The ‘ User’ is free to disable / delete his/her account. In this case the ‘ user’ loses access to the system and is automatically excluded from any procedure. Published content though may be indexed, copied or republished from other online services.

4.3 Contact

If you wish to get any further information about these terms please send an email to info@ideachain.io