Privacy Policy


The use (beyond the general home page) of the service ideachain by users requires the registration of users or sign-up via interface via LinkedIn, Google, Facebook or Twitter account. During the registration or sign - up process the system may request a valid registration e - mail address, unique user name and location.Optionally the user can indicate the professional title, profile and occupation.

1.1 Personal Data/Privacy

Personal data such as name, occupation and professional profile is obtained through the above mentioned services and/or updated by the user through the ideachain service. The purpose of storing this data is to serve the main objective of ideachain which is to help the user establish a professional reputation and connect with a network of inventors and innovators. User’s profile is public and discoverable via search engines.

User has the option to create content (‘ideas’) in ideachain. This content is by default private and encrypted at rest. User’s content (‘ideas’) remain strictly in the data stores of the Company and will not be revealed publicly unless it gets published by the user. When a user publishes an ‘idea’ it becomes part of the public domain, it is discoverable and usable by other ideachain users, including anonymous online users. Published ideas get indexed and become discoverable through search engines such as Google and Bing. Publishing the idea serves the purpose of building a reputation for the user and releases the idea in the public domain under a CC licence.

Such user-generated content (‘ideas’) remains under the control of the user/ owner and it is used strictly for the proper operation of the service 'ideachain' namely: 1. To help the user discover relevant content from the public domain 2. To help the user organize and manage other owned content (‘ideas’) 3. To meet specific user requirements regarding services available from and through 'ideachain'. 4. To inform users about similar content (‘ideas’) and users producing or consuming relevant content (‘idea’). For any other action related to the above

The Company has taken all necessary measures, using the most modern and technically advanced methods, to ensure maximum security of personal data of users and content (‘ideas’) that is stored in private mode. All information related to the personal information of users and the usage of the platform, are safeguarded as confidential and are not published or transmitted in bulk or disclosed to third parties. The data remains under full control of the user. It is only the user/owner of content (‘ideas’) who can publish them or otherwise share them with 3rd parties. The 'electronic service ideachain' operates according to the existing E.C. legislation and maintains safely the personal data of users for as long as they are registered in the service, which data are deleted after the relationship between the 'User' and the 'Company' has expired in any way and according to GDPR regulations.

The 'Company' has adopted procedures that protect the personal data and content that the 'Users' provide through 'service ideachain'. These procedures protect user data from any unauthorized access or disclosure, loss or misuse, alteration or destruction. They also help to certify that the information is accurate and is used properly. The connection of users to the service ideachain is secure (using https with SSL and TLS in all proceedings involving personal data).

1.2 Confidentiality, Encryption, Controlled Access

The Company has taken all necessary measures in order the transmitted information from the User to be used only to the extent necessary in the context of service. Unless published by the user, all other information is confidential and encrypted. The content ‘ideas’ when in private mode is not accessed by employees of the company. It is only processed automatically by software components. The Company does not reveal any details of those using the electronic service ideachain and their transactions. The user may request from the Company any information held on him, and correct them if the existence of error is being documented.

Personal data (password, addresses, phone numbers or other sensitive data), which are imported to 'ideachain' at any point, are encrypted at transfer and at rest.

The electronic service ideachain is being protected by firewalls (world-class data centers), which allows the use of specific services by 'Users', while prohibiting access to systems and databases with sensitive data and company information.

The user has full knowledge of the above terms and conditions and gives his/her consent that the Company maintains and process any personal data and content, according to this policy.

In any case and subject to the terms and conditions of Law 2472/97, the User reserves the right to request and receive information about the personal data concerning him and are maintained by the Company, to submit objections and to withdraw his/her consent.