Frequent questions

About ideas and ideachain

How can I benefit from ideachain?

In many ways. You can organize and manage your ideas. You can store them privately and enrich them as you go. You can selectively share them with the ones who need to know – and track everything. You will seamlessly discover content relevant to your ideas. You will connect to great inventors and professionals. You may enjoy recognition and reputation: as you use ideachain you accumulate ‘innovation energy’ which will gradually give another dimension to your professional profile: innovation.

Why should I publish my idea?

First things first: it is up to you. You can store your ideas in private mode – to manage and enrich them. But you can decide to publish an idea, at any time. Be selfish: if the expected benefit for you is greater in hiding versus publishing your idea, then keep it private. Be altruistic: if the world will become a better place if you publish your idea, you should consider it. And get the reputation you deserve. You can decide on case-by-case basis.

How can I structure my idea?

We know that people have hard time in articulating ideas in a concrete way. This is why we have developed a special model for ideas and interactive help to guide you through the process. It takes a few minutes, it is easy, fun and fast. You can store your draft, iterate and improve it. Then consider publishing it. Sample idea: 'Fake News: How Blockchain and IPFS can solve this threat for Democracy'

Can I keep my idea private?

Yes. And when we say private we mean it. It is encrypted and only our AI components will access it. No humans.

Will my idea get discovered by others?

If it is in public mode, it becomes part of the public domain. That is, other ideachain users will discover it. It will also get discovered by search engines like Google and Bing which will drive your ‘innovation energy’ and the reputation of your profile – which is great! If you do not want that, make sure you keep your ideas private.

What is this innovation energy?

It is a ‘magic number’ that reflects two major things: [a] your innovation related activity via ideachain (for example when you create, publish ideas or contribute on ideas by others) and [b] the level of engagement of others to your ideas. This single number can drive you up to the innovation leader board, increase the visibility of your profile and lead to innovation achievements and rewards!

What is blockchain and how is it relevant?

We love blockchain for a number of reasons – most importantly the fact that is an immutable storage. In the premium subscription, your ideas will be automatically signed on a public blockchain network, thus providing a timestamp to your idea which cannot be questioned.

Does blockchain timestamp provide legal protection?

No. We do not sell legal protection services. We do not perform prior art search. If you need legal protection for your idea you need to seek legal advice from patent attorneys. The blockchain timestamp gives you a solid time reference.

Is the service free?

Yes the service is and will be free. There are premium features though which refer to more advanced use cases. The detailed feature matrix will be announced shortly