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17+ US patents on Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and IoT • 20 years of digital product development – from concept to launch • 80+ innovative, data-driven projects • 10 multinational corporations • 4 technology startups • Founder of ‘Datamine decision support systems’

Defining and engineering AI-powered products • Leading technology innovation programmes • Extensive experience in Software Engineering, Analytics and Data Science projects. Views and opinions are my own.
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An intelligent system for corporations which attempts to match a random employee arrangement with a known project team in order to retrieve relevant content and set the context through connected screens and whiteboards ● Users benefit by seamlessly experiencing relevant content and information on screens when the team members enter into a meeting room or other corporate space.
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An intelligent component for business users which is able to capture the context of a meeting and recommend the most suitable participants in order to organize a better meeting with the right people in the room ● Users benefit by instantly finding the right experts and decision makers to invite when a meeting, brainstorming or other business event is being planned.
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A mobile app for music fans which enables one user to play music on both his own and a remote device, synchronously in order to share and enjoy music with loved ones - online ● Users benefit by enjoying music-enabled chats or discussions with friends when they are in different locations.
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A software system for sports fans which quantifies the energy levels and the mood of the in-stadium audience in order to enhance the experience of the online or TV viewers of the same event ● Users benefit by a connected experience when there is a live match which they cannot physically attend.
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A Virtual Reality application for users who need public-speaking training which allows them to immerse in realistic public-speaking scenarios in order to practice their performance in front of large audiences, in a realistic way ● Users benefit by improving their skills and level of confidence - in a sandbox when they are getting ready for a real public-speaking scenario.

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