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Data Science Manager at a leading consulting firm. Experience in ideating, designing and developing end-to-end machine learning systems to solve real-life problems.
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An AI application for predicting revenues of a brick and mortar institution by counting number of cars in its parking lot which uses a combination of satellite imagery, advanced AI methods and socioeconomic factors such as household income, unemployment, crime rate, etc in order to predict revenues before the quarterly/annual reports ● Users benefit by having visibility of an institutions financial health in advance when making key investment decisions.
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A subscription for health conscious users which lets them use any gym in the city of their choice by paying a standard monthly fee in order to exercise regularly and without blocking their exercise routine due to their regular gym being far away or inaccessible on the weekend ● Users benefit by going to a conveniently located gym when ever and where ever they are.

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A smart clock for people who trouble getting enough sleep at night which tracks your sleep via a health watch (e.g. fitbit) to estimate the time of your deep sleep in order to predict the best time to wake you up ● Users benefit by getting good sleep at night and wake up fresh in the morning when sleeping.
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A smart garbage bin for personal and corporate use which informs the user of the type of garbage in order to to prevent the item going into the wrong garbage bin ● Users benefit by saving time by not thinking of which garbage bin the item should go in and also by saving the environment when the user is about to dispose an item.
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A data labelling service for AI projects which require large amount of labelled data in order to to train AI models ● Users benefit by focussing on doing high quality work such as building efficient AI model architecture, improving end-to-end model ML pipelines and validating results .

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