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Software engineer, physicist at heart, a constant learner
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For more than a decade I have been building software products for start-ups, NGOs, EU projects, or for big companies in the banking, telecom, retail & travel industry.

During my career I have worn many hats: - database developer - web developer -backend software engineer -full stack software engineer - scrum master - technical team leader -software architect - pre-sales technical manager -account manager -proposal writer - technical manager.
As a result, I have the ability to lead multi-disciplinary/multi-national projects, provide technical feedback to polyglot environments, motivate & inspire people and help customers take the most out of their digital transformation opportunity.
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A browser addon for a) people and b) website owners which will give the opportunity to discuss with people in order to exchange ideas or have fun while browsing the website ● Users benefit by talking with other website visitors and exchange ideas / opinions for that particular web page. Website owners benefit from the app, since it allows them to form a community and get real-time feedback by the applications analytical components, that will track and analyze comments when they are in the same webpage with you.
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A programmable button (in various personalized sizes and shapes) for a) consumers and b) retailers which allows you to press it in order to quickly get what you want, without loosing time ● Users benefit by a) allowing consumers quickly order the products they need and b) retailers enhance their loyalty campaigns when you need to order a particular product (like a pizza, or a coffe, or a laundry detergent).
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A web and mobile application for people using online social accounts (Dating, Business or Social) which allows them to easily book a photoshoot with a certified photographer and a body language expert in order to a) meet the love of their life or b) find the job of their dreams or c) improve their social status ● Users benefit by looking more a) attractive, smart & trusworthy (for dating profiles) or b) competent, likable, infuential (for business profiles) or c) confident, authentic, fun (for social profiles) when in need to create a great a) Dating or b) Business or c) Social online account.
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