The ‘Smart Handshake’ - digitally link two users through a simple business handshake!
Submitted by George Krasadakis
Signed on Ethereum on 10/27/2019
A mobile app for business users which is able to understand the motion pattern of a real handshake in order to automatically link those handshaking and seamlessly connect them in professional networking sites. Users benefit by maintaining a digital professional network with no effort when meeting people in a business (or other) context.
Did you ever have difficulties remembering names after a business or social handshake?

Imagine this scenario: Two users meet in a business context and handshake, with no further interaction or activity. Both users seamlessly receive a notification about each other, with name, photo, location, context and link to his/her LinkedIn or other social profile.

The app is using the accelerometer, gyroscope and motion detection capabilities to identify the ‘universal’ pattern of a handshake. A business handshake between two people who have installed the app in their smartphone or wearable will trigger the following sequence of events:

[1] The app uses the accelerometer and related tech to identify the ‘universal’ movement of hands during a typical business handshake: based on patterns extracted from a vast volume of handshake events — movement data, the system is able to identify the gesture based on acceleration, speed, duration and the movement of the hand.

[2] When the handshake is identified with confidence, it is logged in the data store — independently for each of the users. The handshake event also contains the timestamp and location information.

[3] The system searches for other handshakes that happened at the same time and location; the closest one in time and location refers to the other person of the handshake event.

[4] At this point, both persons involved in the handshake, are identified. The app can look up their social network profile links — for instance, LinkedIn or Facebook. Each user receives information about the other’s identity and social media profile.

As users continue to meet people, the app maintains the history of the new people met (names, photos, social network profiles) and — under sufficient permissions — can automatically invite or follow the other user on the default social network.