Fake News - How Blockchain and IPFS can help Democracy

Submitted by George Krasadakis
Signed on Ethereum on 10/21/2019
A decentralized system for the world which systematically samples content from the public domain in order to post-process cohorts of News and posts and identify 'Fake News' or misleading content. Users benefit by realizing both their exposure and their unintentional contribution to the problem of Fake News when they use social media to discover, consume and share content.
A sample of content and posting/ sharing activity in the world's public domain will be captured and stored in an immutable decentralized ledger and file system (for instance a public blockchain network and IPFS). A global community, powered by Artificial Intelligence technologies will continuously assess content against the level of truth and facts they represent.

Smart aggregation will allow objective quantification of the trustworthiness of an article or a post which can be then pivoted by publisher (e.g. media company, online site, social network) or consumer and sharer (individuals consuming news and sharing).

This way:

[a] The problem of Fake News will be quantified and monitored against time, geolocation, groups of entities involved, etc.

[b] Publishers will be able to set targets and minimize their passive contribution to the problem (for instance, by 'irresponsibly' sharing news that will prove to be Fake in the Future).

[c] Individuals will be able to prefer social media and news publishers which do not participate in producing/ publishing/ distributing Fake News

Fake News is about awareness of the problem itself. Technology can fix that.
#solveFakeNews #improveDemocracy