A Smart Business Intelligence System - controlled by Voice

Submitted by George Krasadakis
Signed on Ethereum on 9/11/2019
A business insights system for business leaders which understands business questions in natural language - via voice in order to make data-driven informed decisions. Users benefit by accessing meaningful insights faster, via a dialogue with the machine when business people need to get insights and data.
A closed-loop natural language query pre-processor and response synthesizer architecture accepts natural language queries and dynamically synthesizes query results. The query results may be in the form of data stories. The architecture identifies, selects, and composes candidate response elements into a coherent and meaningful query result. The architecture also implements an adaptable delivery mechanism that is responsive to connection bandwidth, query source preferences, query source characteristics, and other factors. Feedback from multiple sources adapts the architecture for handling subsequent queries.

A natural language query processing system comprising: communication interface circuitry configured to connect to a query source and obtain a natural language input query; query pre-processing circuitry configured to: establish a query session for the query source with a session controller in response to obtaining the natural language input query; submit the natural language input query to a question handler configured to determine query components from the natural language input; execute searches based on the query components against pre-defined data stores to determine candidate response elements; and communicate the candidate response elements to response synthesis circuitry; and response synthesis circuitry configured to determine a selected element subset of the candidate response elements; determine an element sequence for the candidate response elements in the selected element subset; determine a query response package structure; order the candidate response elements in the selected element subset according to the element sequence and the query response package structure to synthesize a query response to the natural language input query; and deliver the query response through the session controller to the query source via the communication interface.
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