Autocomplete for everything

Submitted by Sergiu Hamza
one year ago
A corporate knowledge capturing tool for employees which provides recommendations in order to augment significantly the speed and quality of work while reducing 're-invention'. Users benefit by profiting by having access to up to date knowledge. when you are working.
Autocomplete when you are writing a document, a piece of code, a powerpoint, a financial model, an innovative idea, researching a new drug - based on the topic, words used, design, your profile, etc. The tool will:
1) provide the employee options and ideas for advancing the work based on company knowledge or knowledge in the public domain
2) propose to connect with SME's and highlight people that had the latest or 'initial ideas'
3) or provide 'expertise' score based on the quality of your work and propose key improvement learning modules to improve your knowledge.
The corporate knowledge dilemma can be in this way helped twofold:
A) by having similar information across an organization being stored in the same structure and allow a machine to parse the information and provide the best next step. B) The quality targets can be set by management, the output of work can be translated directly in bonuses. Generating innovative new ways and generating new knowledge can be automatically captured and recognized in perpetuity, breaking the negative psychological cycle that stops employees from sharing knowledge today (afraid of somebody else presenting your work and missing promotions).