Automatically order a product with the press of a button
Submitted by Alexandros Tzoumas
Signed on Ethereum on 9/27/2019
A programmable button (in various personalized sizes and shapes) for a) consumers and b) retailers which allows you to press it in order to quickly get what you want, without loosing time. Users benefit by a) allowing consumers quickly order the products they need and b) retailers enhance their loyalty campaigns when you need to order a particular product (like a pizza, or a coffe, or a laundry detergent).
A retailer provides these buttons to buyers.
A buyer installs the relevant application and places the button to his/her convenience

With the press of a button the buyer receives a notification on her mobile phone in order to confirm and receive the order.

The retailer has the ability to configure the button.

Each button can be mapped with a specific product (or a set of a products).
A set of rules like discounts or personalized campaigns can enhance the experience of the buyer.