An Augmented Reality in-Shop Customer Experience
Submitted by George Krasadakis
Signed on Ethereum on 9/12/2019
A mobile app for consumers which synthesizes personalized product and pricing information as an Augmented Reality experience in order to offer special prices, loyalty or discounts to the user. Users benefit by discovering better offers when they are exploring products --physically, in the store.
Dynamic pricing, intelligent loyalty schemes, smart offers -- can all be offered as in-store experiences with a little help from Augmented Reality.

A consumer walks into a store and starts exploring products of interest. By simply overlaying a smartphone on top of a certain product, the app performs the following background operations:

[1] It retrieves the profile of the user, product interests and preferences - according to privacy agreements, GDPR and related regulations.

[2] It loads the loyalty program of the retailer and executes its logic to decide the discounts or the special offers the customer is eligible for (based on recent purchases, reward programs, customer value etc. ).

[3] It identifies the product - via both computer vision and also by scanning labels and printed information (such as QR-codes or via OCR applied on product naming and descriptions). It loads the current state of the stock for the product and similar ones. It may load demand indicators and forecasts - or availability of the product in other shops of the same retailer.

[4] It combines all the above to generate a personalized experience for the customer - for instance, an x% discount on the catalog price or a special offer for free-home delivery - or a bundle product offering matching customer's preference and predicted needs.

[5] On approval by the user - via a tap on the smartphone screen - the app notifies the loyalty program of the retailer, the order is placed and the user just confirms and pays - physically in the store or online with an extra step.

All served as an instant, interactive, personalized AR experience - no cards, no coupons, no loyalty memberships.

A seamless experience for both the customer and the retailer.
#improveShopping #improveDigitalLife