Connecting an in-stadium sports audience with Online/TV viewers of a sports event
Submitted by George Krasadakis
Signed on Ethereum on 10/21/2019
A software system for sports fans which quantifies the energy levels and the mood of the in-stadium audience in order to enhance the experience of the online or TV viewers of the same event. Users benefit by a connected experience when there is a live match which they cannot physically attend.
Human beings have been attending live events since time immemorial and these events facilitated communication and cooperation between human beings, advancing the human race itself. During these events, these human beings often interacted with each other as well as with the event itself. In modern times, human beings enjoy attending a wider variety of live events, such as concerts, tournaments, games and/or the like.

Often, those humans unable to physically attend the live event are not only devoid of personal enjoyment but miss out on engaging with fellow humans and therefore are at a disadvantage. Unfortunately, broadcasting live coverage of these events has several restrictions of which one restriction is an almost zero tolerance for delays. As another restriction, the actual live coverage of these events is filtered and involves directed sampling of videos/image data, which limits the coverage itself in a number of ways.

This idea is about facilitating a live experience on a computing device without using special equipment in a venue for the live experience and/or when the computing device is outside of a given radius from the venue.
In one scenario, the system is able to identify a mass reaction based on in-stadium audience motion data and generate visual indicators served to the online audience. It allows the online users, by viewing and/or engaging such content, to better sense the event's atmosphere or ambiance and track the event's changing rhythm. As described herein, such content may include a graphic/image, video/audio data, an animation as well as textual and numeric data.

Some embodiments implement user interface elements that, when activated, enable interaction with a live audience member, the event and/or the venue itself--allowing the online user in certain instances to even participate in the live audience experience.

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