A Virtual Reality Public-Speaking Digital Trainer

Submitted by George Krasadakis
Signed on Ethereum on 4/7/2020
A Virtual Reality application for users who need public-speaking training which allows them to immerse in realistic public-speaking scenarios in order to practice their performance in front of large audiences, in a realistic way. Users benefit by improving their skills and level of confidence - in a sandbox when they are getting ready for a real public-speaking scenario.
Fear of public-speaking is very common. In many cases people face a fight-or-flight situation and decide to avoid the 'risk' of getting exposed in front of a big audience. In most of the cases though it can be just a matter of practice and sufficient self-confidence.

This VR app allows the user to enter 'realistic' scenarios (business or other themes) with configurable conditions, size, and synthesis of audiences, noise configuration, interruption scenarios and other factors that can determine a 'public speaking performance'.

The system uses real-time signals and analysis of the performance of the user (speaking in front of the virtual audience) to adjust the conditions, identify opportunities for improvement and make synchronous suggestions to the user - also with follow up reports and goals.

The system tracks progress and training habits and guides the user through a tailor-made program that matches their needs and improvement goals. The program is dynamic, adapting to the user's progress -- with an increasing level of difficulty and audience diversity.