Smart Identification of Project Teams in a Connected Building
Submitted by George Krasadakis
Signed on Ethereum on 9/16/2019
An intelligent system for corporations which attempts to match a random employee arrangement with a known project team in order to retrieve relevant content and set the context through connected screens and whiteboards. Users benefit by seamlessly experiencing relevant content and information on screens when the team members enter into a meeting room or other corporate space.
In modern corporate environments, there are multiple projects running in parallel and in many cases, one employee can participate in more than one project at the same time. Space (meeting rooms or conference rooms) are typically in high demand and usually, project teams do not reserve specific rooms.

Imagine a few employees walking into a random meeting room (not booked or requested). The smart system described in this idea, identifies the individual employees and lookups the particular combination against the teams in the repository of active projects. This way it can estimate with confidence if this specific arrangement of people is a project team, and if so in which one. Having identified the team, the system automatically retrieves project team metadata (status updates, tasks, taskboard, sprint information, user stories, blockers etc.) and automatically synthesizes and presents an update in the connected screens in the specific meeting room. a seamless experience triggered by the particular arrangement of people taking place in a certain part of the smart building.

In this example, assuming the team suddenly moves form this meeting room to another, the smart building seamlessly performs the same operation in the next meeting room. Moreover, it reflects not just the status update but the exact state of the information/ presentation happening at the moment of interaction.

A project team identification tool utilizes media components and sensors installed throughout a smart building, to detect individual persons and groups of people gathered together within the smart building.

After detecting the people that are present within the smart building, the system references employee profile information to identify the detected people. The system is further configured to predict a project team the identified people belong to, as well as one or more projects associated with the predicted project teams. It utilizes the advanced technology offered by the smart building to provide a unique solution for seamlessly identifying a project team of people meeting within the smart building.

patent no: 15/865654