A Global Networking and Collaboration Platform for the Unemployed People

Submitted by George Krasadakis
one year ago
An online service for unemployed people which empowers them to get connected and create business opportunities in order to find creative alternatives and pursuit different, better careers. Users benefit by networking and creating new opportunities when the conditions in the job market are poor and options are limited.
Unemployed people, in tens of millions across the globe, can be thought as an enormous manpower which the ‘economic system’ fails to use: talented people, senior industry professionals, domain experts, enthusiastic graduates, scientists, entrepreneurial youth and many more classes of unemployed people who are trapped in a job-seeking state with limited or no options at all.

Although governments offer services and programs for unemployed people, they fail to deal with the problem at its core: societies need a mentality shift towards innovation, creativeness, and experimentation; The ‘economic system’ must encourage people to use their talents and capabilities, to take controlled risks in order to go after alternative professional opportunities.

What if there was a specialized collaboration platform for unemployed people … a business ecosystem to inspire them to ‘unleash their creative power’ ? Imagine an online service with
primary objective to empower unemployed people and inspire them to discover new options and alternative professional paths.

A modern online service providing the tools for intelligent, skills & intention-based team formation — by unemployed people for unemployed people. A service providing individuals and teams access to an extended network of resources and knowledge. A platform encouraging professional relationships among unemployed people while fostering networking, resource and knowledge discovery. An ecosystem establishing effective information flows across multiple business and media networks.

This business ecosystem can provide the means of collaboration among unemployed people towards a shared business goal (a new product, service, company). At the same time, it can provide special support by local governments and organizations (funds, programs, resources, etc.) and the connected ecosystem (private funding, business angels, Banks offering special interest loans, VCs, Research, Academia, etc.)

Unemployed people will be joining this online platform to:

1. Announce/ share their professional goals, interests, intents; their skills and capabilities

2. Be found by teams or other users with similar/ complementary skill-sets and goals

3. Find potential partners, associates and/or team members

4. Submit a business idea and set up a working team/ ‘virtual startup’

5. Join clusters and ‘virtual startups’, typically consisting of other unemployed people — users of the platform

For instance, a potential entrepreneur — currently unemployed — has a great business idea and needs experts in certain technical skills. In our scenario, the entrepreneur gets connected with other unemployed people, through the platform, and finds those with the right skills and also with complementary intentions. For example, web-developers with no entrepreneurial goals — just looking for a good professional deal and possibly small-scale participation in a venture.