A Digital Newscaster - selecting and presenting what matters to you

Submitted by George Krasadakis
one year ago
A digital assistant - a newscaster for modern online users which searches and selects content relevant to the preferences, priorities and life patterns of the user in order to provide prompt and informative updates on what matters the most for the user. Users benefit by saving time through personalized, timely and reliable news updates when the user needs an update or when a story requires user's attention.
The typical internet user is overwhelmed by the wide range of news sources and the increasing volume of stories generated on a daily basis. What if there was an intelligent process to summarize the daily news as a short video that is interactive and personalized for each particular user?

The business: an online service offering daily content synopsis using human editors and also advanced Artificial Intelligence and content understanding technologies. The news synopsis is done per market, language, culture targeting a representative and objective coverage of stories across a predefined array of topics. The ‘synopsis video’ is presented by a human newscaster or an avatar. The structure of the video is based on technology to allow smooth and interactive navigation through the video, either implicitly (the user is clicking ‘next topic’) or implicitly (the system is filtering out or re-prioritizing stories within the video, based on user’s profile, preferences, session details, day of the week, etc.).

News Synopsis Videos are then released across platforms and devices. As users consume a ‘news synopsis’ video the system adapts to their preferences, usage patterns, and styles. Each topic covered in the video is clickable, targeting the original content item or a set of curated content covering the summarized story. As the user consumes the video, can simply skip one topic, or click it and get major media content on the specific story. For example, a user is watching the ‘daily news digest’ video and on a specific story — let’s say the Greek Financial crisis — the user clicks and gets a set of content provided by CNN, BBC, NBC, Facebook, etc. all matching the exact story.
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