Subscription based gym service

Submitted by Gaurav Kaila
one year ago
A subscription for health conscious users which lets them use any gym in the city of their choice by paying a standard monthly fee in order to exercise regularly and without blocking their exercise routine due to their regular gym being far away or inaccessible on the weekend. Users benefit by going to a conveniently located gym when ever and where ever they are.
Research states that around 67% of gym memberships go unused ( and one of the reasons for this is the gym being inaccessible by the user e.g. close to work so not accessible on the weekends, or close to home so no time during the weekdays.

We have gyms all around us but still, people are forced to choose one gym and stick to it. This leads to more and more people not using their gym membership. A monotonous routine as well by going to the same gym can hinder your fitness thus similar to how changing work surrounding boosts your productivity, changing gym can also boost your fitness.

My idea is to make a NETFLIX style subscription service for gym memberships where a user can access any gym in the city of their choice or use gyms in another city while travelling, by simply paying a monthly subscription fee.

The user benefits by having the freedom to choose the gym of their choice or go to multiple gyms throughout the year.

The gyms benefit by always having their facility full and constantly improving their facilities to keep it up-to-the-mark with other gyms.