Look perfect at your Dating, Business and Social online accounts

Submitted by Alexandros Tzoumas
Signed on Ethereum on 9/11/2019
A web and mobile application for people using online social accounts (Dating, Business or Social) which allows them to easily book a photoshoot with a certified photographer and a body language expert in order to a) meet the love of their life or b) find the job of their dreams or c) improve their social status. Users benefit by looking more a) attractive, smart & trusworthy (for dating profiles) or b) competent, likable, infuential (for business profiles) or c) confident, authentic, fun (for social profiles) when in need to create a great a) Dating or b) Business or c) Social online account.
My online service helps people
a) meet the love of their life by looking more attractive, smart, trustworthy in their dating profiles (tinder/badoo/okcupid etc)
b) Find the job of their dreams by looking more competent, likable, influential in your business profiles (linkedin,cv,aboutme)
c) Improve their social status by looking more confident, authentic, fun at their social accounts facebook,twitter,instagram)

A user will use the online application to pay and book for a professional photoshoot at a specific location.
Users will select one of the three categories: a) Dating or b) Business, or c) Social photoshooting and upload to the application the profile photos they are currently using, for reference.
A certified photographer and body language expert will make sure the photo-shooting event will produce high-quality photos.
For Dating our users will look attractive, smart, trustworthy.
For Business our users will look competent, likable, influential.
For Social our users will look confident, authentic and fun.

The new profile photos will be distributed to the user via the application.
Integration with services like https://www.photofeeler.com will allow user to get real feedback regarding her old and new profile photos and feel the difference our service can make, from the very first minutes she acquires the new photos.