Sleep tracking smart clock
Submitted by Gaurav Kaila
Signed on Ethereum on 9/11/2019
A smart clock for people who trouble getting enough sleep at night which tracks your sleep via a health watch (e.g. fitbit) to estimate the time of your deep sleep in order to predict the best time to wake you up. Users benefit by getting good sleep at night and wake up fresh in the morning when sleeping.
Getting enough sleep is getting harder with increasing work stress, longer commutes and increasing noise. Usually an adult needs 6-7 hours of good sleep to wake up fresh in the morning. This is hard as people ususally sleep late and then the alarm wakes them up even if they have not slept enough.

My proposed smart clock tracks your sleep via your health watch (e.g. fitbit) to predict the best time to wake you up. This way, if you had a good sleep, the smart clock can wake you up appropriately. The user can put in a maximum time to wake up so he/she does not oversleep.

This idea can help users live a healthy balanced life where the user is fresh and active in the morning. It can also help users get up on time to get work done and not oversleep.