Search and reviews app for non-academic courses abroad

Submitted by Alexandros Papageorgiou
11 months ago
A web app for prospective students/learners which provides reviews and ratings from former students as well as updated information about courses/classes in order to help learners make an informed decision. Users benefit by accessing trusted and up to date that unlike for academic programmes in not easily accessible when learners are considering to travel abroad to follow a non-academic class/course.
Studying abroad is not just for academic studies, even though in that case prospective students can easily find an abundance of information about universities, programmes and ratings online.
There many more reasons beyond formal edu, that people may want to travel and spend time abroad. For example for language studies, as many students want to immerse in the language and the culture for a period of time. It could be tech bootcamp in a place where a particular technology is widely used and understood, or a tourism course in a country having a developed tourism industry, likewise a martial arts course in the country where it was born. Spending a few weeks or months in a foreign country can be a significant investment in time and money. Unlike studying in one's own city or country finding reliable information can be hard. The app will serve in the following ways:
1- Be comprehensive directory of all schools that offer a particular type of class in various parts of the world
2- Offer up to date information about the programmes including the prices.
3- Include trusted reviews from former students
4-Give prospective students the option to directly contact the schools