A digital jukebox allowing customers of a restaurant or bar to select their favorite songs

Submitted by George Krasadakis
Signed on Ethereum on 9/11/2019
An app for businesses which automates and optimizes the selection of music for the preferences of the given audience in order to synthesize the best possible playlist of songs, for the current audience. Users benefit by automating the music coverage while increasing customer satisfaction when users or customers enter the place.
You are in a restaurant or cafe and you realize that you listen to some of the rare songs you like and also to new ones of the same taste! The restaurant or cafe could seamlessly aggregate the music preferences of the current audience (for instance via Spotify or similar music streaming services — for those customers having the app-enabled) and use this aggregation to generate highly relevant playlists: a synthesis of music matching the explicit or implied preferences of the current audience — set of customers in the physical space!

Another interesting scenario is the discovery of places (for instance restaurants, cafe, bars, etc.) based on the aggregated musical preferences of the people frequently visiting the place (customers, visitors etc.); users can search and explore places with all traditional criteria and also the music preferences of the ‘typical customer’.
#improveMusicExperiences #improveDigitalLife