A User Interface able to adapt to what the user is looking at - with gaze analytics.

Submitted by George Krasadakis
Signed on Ethereum on 9/11/2019
A software component for users of electronic devices which is able to understand precisely the part of the screen the user is looking at in order to offer a better, adaptive end-user experience. Users benefit by more intelligent interaction and content discovery when the user is interacting with the device through its screen.
A device is disclosed for enabling a user to navigate between content using gaze tracking. The device includes a presentation component for presenting a plurality of content to a user in user interface (UI) windows. A camera captures the gaze of the user, and components described herein control focus of the UI windows presented to the user based on the gaze. Multiple UI windows of varying content may be displayed to the user. A processor determines, from the captured gaze, where the user is looking, and the UI window located at the user's gaze point is brought into focus and controlled by the user's gaze. As the user looks to other UI windows, the focus is seamlessly moved from one UI window to the next to correspond with what the user is looking at, providing an implicit way to control digital content without conventional computer commands, actions, or special requests.
#improveDigitalLife #improveUserExperience