AI enabled garbage bin
Submitted by Gaurav Kaila
Signed on Ethereum on 9/11/2019
A smart garbage bin for personal and corporate use which informs the user of the type of garbage in order to to prevent the item going into the wrong garbage bin. Users benefit by saving time by not thinking of which garbage bin the item should go in and also by saving the environment when the user is about to dispose an item.
How many times have you thought about which garbage bin should a particular item go into? Is it recyclable? Is it trash? Is it organic?

My proposed idea used advanced computer vision methods to sort out items in real-time to tell the user which garbage bin should the item go into. This will enable fewer items going into the wrong bin and help in saving the environment.

The setup includes a scanning station where the person disposing the garbage can scan the object and the attached screen can display the bin to throw the garbage into or the correct garbage bin can light up indicating the location of the correct bin.

This idea is primarily aimed for single object disposable but can be extended to multiple objects once enough data and garbage disposable patterns are understood.