Private Music Sessions on Mobile Devices
Submitted by George Krasadakis
Signed on Ethereum on 10/21/2019
A mobile app for music fans which enables one user to play music on both his own and a remote device, synchronously in order to share and enjoy music with loved ones - online. Users benefit by enjoying music-enabled chats or discussions with friends when they are in different locations.
Today's music streaming applications allow users to search for specific musical artists or genres of music directly on their mobile devices. For example, a user may enter an artist's name on their smart phone, and an online music-sharing service may stream music from that artist—or related artists—to the user's phone. While conventional music services use complex algorithms to predict the kind of music users want to hear, such algorithms only take into account the collective history of other users with similar profiles.

This idea is about a mobile app establishing interactive, synchronized private music sessions between two or more users in which the users can select and control music, that is simultaneously and synchronously played on their respective devices while users interact using text, images and other communications.

Music applications on the devices facilitate the establishment of the private music sessions upon user request. Songs may then be selected, either locally from the devices themselves or through online music streaming services such as Spotify - by one or more of the users and played on different users' devices.

Additionally, songs may be recommended to the users, or just one user, based on prior music sessions and communications of the users. Songs may be manually selected by the users or recommended by an online service based on user profiles, interactions, or other indicators that signal what the users may enjoy hearing.

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